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Feature request: fixed color per category

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    First, big compliments for this theme. I’m using it and it looks great and very modern. I do have some feature requests though, like custom menu-items in the top bar, an easy way to change the background (did it in css now) and extra’s like a form and newsletter-option (there are some labels in the code, but they’re not there).

    But what I’d wish most is that you could use fixed colors per category. Currently, the colors of the category are sort-of random, based on what comes first (e.g. the first item is always red). It would be more logical and useful if the colors were related to a category. For example: reviews are black, news is blue, video is red, etc. That would make it less random, and the visitors would immediately recognize a category.

    Is there an easy way to do that now (with css for example)?

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