10 Best WordPress Coupon Themes in 2023

Deals, special offers, and coupons specifically are some of the most popular search terms for those who seek to save money on products they desire. Who doesn’t like to get a good deal on something they wish to purchase?

Not only can you find discounts and special deals for digital products, but also real physical items. And this creates real and tangible demand for coupon and deal websites.

If you create your own coupons website, you have the freedom to offer exclusive deals on specific or trending products. And the more you invest in finding and offering great deals, the higher is your chance to attract attention from premium businesses that would like to advertise their special deals on your coupon site exclusively.

Not to mention, a well-maintained deals website can easily attract a community around it, which gives you the freedom to manage a mailing list and have community members contribute their own special tips and secrets for finding good deals.

As for choosing a platform with which to create a coupons site — we recommend going with WordPress. Not only is WordPress easy to manage, but the highly customizable theme choices also allow you to create a site design that matches your style and vision.

Luckily for you, there are a dozen of amazing WordPress Coupon Themes available for download right now. We have taken the time to round up what we believe to be the most versatile, unique, and feature-packed coupon themes on the market.

Continue reading to learn about our opinions, the things we liked about each theme, and how you can get these themes today.

#1: Coupon WP

Coupon WP

Our in-house created theme Coupon WP is packed with exciting features, modern design elements, and the right kind of flexibility to let you customize your new site to your liking.

Whether your goal is to promote coupons through affiliate marketing or by adding unique coupon deals individually, our theme lets you do both with zero hassle on your end.

For example, adding new coupons includes an option to set expiry date. As a result, once a coupon expires, your site won’t feel like a database of spam content as the expired deals get pushed back and not displayed on the main homepage.

Additionally, a smooth Ajax integration results in a streamlined user experience for your visitors. No need to browse pages separately and visitors can keep browsing the homepage until they find a deal that feels right. This integration is particularly great for mobile users of which there are many these days.

Unique Features:

  • Coupon success meter to crowdsource user feedback and showcase the validity of a specific coupon code.
  • Social sharing links that visitors can use to share the coupon with friends, family, and social followers.
  • Coupon Box widget that shows on-page whenever a user clicks a specific coupon. The widget includes redirect URL (for affiliate marketing), and useful stats like success rating and overall usage for any given day.
  • Additional add-ons to further extend site functionality, specifically — addons for mass-adding new coupons, and also for accepting front-end submissions.

#2: Clipper


At number two we have Clipper — an AppThemes creation, which in their own words is a theme intended for quickly monetizing your website traffic. With a traditional and laid-back design, Clipper feels familiar and user-friendly, yet is extremely powerful in its back-end feature versatility.

The installation process takes you through the most important steps to get your site up and ready as quickly as possible. From thereon, your main focus is to add new coupons and keep improving your monetization tactics.

One of the ways in which Clipper helps you monetize your traffic is by allowing business owners to submit exclusive coupon deals in exchange for a fee. You can collect royalties through PayPal and direct Bank Payments, but additional payment gateways can be added through plugins.

Further, AppThemes have built-in a ‘link masking’ feature, which automatically ‘hides’ your affiliate links to make them look more friendly, and thus reduce the risk that any new visitor would consider your site as spammy or untrustworthy. These kinds of features become extremely important as your site grows in size and popularity.

Unique Features:

  • Sitemap-style pages for Categories and Stores. Visitors can choose to browse deals based on a specific category, but also for specific stores/retailers. Great if you manage a large database of coupons and want to make it easier for visitors to find what they need.
  • Custom email templates — modify the email style and information that you wish to deliver to your registered users and subscribers. No more static messages, which should lead to greater user engagement overall.
  • Anyone can submit coupons and deals as long as they are a registered member. Submissions are protected by a CAPTCHA, but consider adding tighter security measures to prevent spammers from over-bloating your site.
  • API access for developers who want to modify Clipper’s design without the need to dig into the original core files.

#3: Couponer


For the last four years, Pebas has kept Couponer in active development, and the theme has been refined multiple times to meet modern standards but also to implement user feedback. As a result, Couponer delivers an enriching coupon theme experience based on concise design structure, specific features, and flexibility for customization.

The design focuses on a premium build with elements like boxed layout, in-depth search functionality, and versatile categorization for a smoother browsing experience. Couponer uses multiple page templates to divide website content into sections and categories. For example, users can see all the stores/brands for which you are listing coupons. Additionally, visitors can view the newest daily offers or check out coupon codes that are about to expire.

You also get some interesting features for listing your coupons. For example, you can add Features or Top 10 coupons and shuffle them every day. There’s the option to display Popular deals which are aggregated based on the number of clicks that a specific coupon gets.

Unique Features:

  • Widgets that display social media, website information, and even things like newsletters and daily deals.
  • An integrated membership system to allow users to become members of your site and in some cases even to submit their own deals.
  • The said system allows you to publish coupons that only members can see. This feature is ideal if you wish to make your site more of a community than an open-ended site for everyone.
  • Numerous Ajax implementations for Navigation and Search to make the user experience more pleasing.

#4: Coupon Theme (PremiumPress)

Coupon Theme (PremiumPress)

PremiumPress is a name you will come across whenever you’re on the hunt for a solid business-related WordPress theme. Coupons sites are definitely business-oriented, so it’s not a surprise that PremiumPress built its own unique theme to reflect the demand for this niche category. Coupon Theme is a professional deals-websites theme that bridges the gap between professional and modern.

The number one feature we see right away is a Drag & Drop page building interface, which can be used to design your site using pre-existing elements. This saves a lot of time in having to write your own code to make the site look the way you want. And during our inspection, we found that there’s a good amount of pre-made styles you can pick from. Furthermore, the styles themselves can be further customized using the customization options provided by this theme.

One aspect that we found unique compared to other coupon themes is the importing tool called iCodes. Basically, iCodes lets you import pre-existing deals/coupons from an external database so as to quickly populate your site. This tool would be ideal for anyone who wishes to quickly populate their site with content and get to work with the marketing aspect of things.

Unique Features:

  • Users can find Coupons through location-targeting. The GEO-targeting system uses Google Maps to identify user locations and showcase the nearest deals to them.
  • As a webmaster you can choose the type of a deal you wish to offer, whether it’s a coupon, an exclusive offer, or a specific deal — each deal has a pre-designed template to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Users can rate coupons based on success rate, leave feedback, or share the special deals on their social media within a single click.

#5: CouponXL

Coupon XL

This is yet another theme from Pebas, but this time around we’re talking about a theme that excels in professionalism and feature diversity — unlike anything we have seen so far, to put it bluntly. CouponXL feels like Craigslist for Coupons to put it simply. There’s the unique design element of simplicity combined with authentic elements that put together make for a memorable visitor experience.

Most of all, we feel that CouponXL provides a blend of design that feels more like a brand than a simple deals website. So, if you plan to invest in your coupons site seriously, this theme would be an ideal starting point to get your journey moving forward at a steady pace.

The homepage design is based on Blocks such as Sliders, Search, and Categories to display content in a unique yet readable manner. The Search widget for example lets users search deals not only by Stores but also based on Location. You can add Features sections for Coupons but also the latest News. And there’s plenty of room for customization.

CouponXL uses site categorization as a means for deeper exploration, but overall we feel you have a lot of tools to use in order to style the site in a way that reflects your ideals.

Unique Features:

  • A membership system that is structured around helping you make a profit. This means that members can register and become premium users by submitting their personal deals, submitting products, and providing services. You can get paid through royalties that members have to pay in order to advertise on your site.
  • Ajax Search with implemented Prediction algorithms. Whenever a user searches for something, this theme will automatically show a list of suggestions based on the keyword.
  • Users Profiles where members can save deals, see their browsing history, and modify additional member settings.
  • A variety of page styles for submissions. So, you can submit all kinds of special offers and not just coupons alone. Just another feature to help you make a bigger profit.

#6: CouponHut

Coupon Hut

CouponHut takes on the form of a premium style with luxury-type of elements ideal for coupons sites that enlist deals for luxurious and/or expensive products. The overall design structure feels refined, with a silky user experience and smooth navigation features.

These days visitors tend to access the web mostly from their mobile on-the-go devices, which means that having a design that can adapt to handheld devices is crucial. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, providing the same design experience to all devices is critically important. SubSolar takes its design adaptation to the next level using new generation implementation methods to ensure guaranteed compatibility for devices of all sizes.

Coupon pages feel authentic and with a refined WordPress style that implements elements like sliders, statistics, and detailed instructions for any coupon you publish. This implementation is ideal if you want to improve your SEO by adding written instructions and details for your coupons. Some themes and indeed sites only focus on adding the coupon code alone, whereas CouponHut allows you to add additional content as well.

Unique Features:

  • Since users always look for signs of trust, CouponHut implements a clean rating system that allows users to vote and vouch for listed coupons. And because this system is integrated into the theme, you don’t need to rely on external plugins to achieve a star rating result.
  • Nothing is more important than search functionality that works! Visitors love to explore their options in a diverse manner, and this shouldn’t be an issue if you decide to use CouponHut. The majority of site elements, sliders, in particular, are built so that users can quickly navigate to categories and sections of the site to find the deals that match their criteria.
  • And if you feel like avoiding the hassle of designing, you can just use the 1-Click installation process to quickly import a pre-built Demo design and start your site on the right foot instantly.

#7: Couponis


The focus of Couponis is built towards user submissions and also mass-importing of coupon codes that you might have already available on your computer. Some affiliate networks provide databases of coupons to use, so if you’re a part of such a network then this theme is ideal to get your site started quickly and with little to no effort.

The design emphasizes clean style, minimalistic navigation, a unique utility like coupon sorting, and ease of finding categories. The homepage area features a stylish slider element populated by category names and the number of coupons in each category. This gives users a feel for your site, and what they can expect to find on their first visit.

Further, you can add Featured & Trending stores, and use images rather than links alone. Using images helps visitors to quickly recognize brands that they already love and are passionate about. Overall, the design feels natural and without any specific hindrances to the user experience.

Unique Features:

  • Coupons can be submitted in three different ways: as a code, an online link, or a printable version. Each different type provides a different experience. Users can print a coupon to take it directly to the store, or they can use a provided link to have a discount added to a product instantly. The latter gives you plenty of room for integrating affiliate marketing elements into your site.
  • Couponis saves user search history so that returning visitors can always find the deals they want without having to create search history all over again.
  • All coupon listings have a feedback system or ratings and success rates, so people can avoid clicking on links/pages that are deemed not working by other users.

#8: YourCoupon


YourCoupon is a top-choice theme for a project in which you wish to promote unique deals, provide discounts, or list out thousands of coupons. The overall design structure is tailored toward sites with a large volume of deals and offers. And, on top of that, the theme manages to stay relatively easy to navigate.

Some of the more intricate features in this theme include a custom Modal Box. This box will show up when users click on an individual coupon listing. Inside the modal, users will find information about the coupon, its rating, and also the coupon code itself. Interestingly, the theme also integrates a mega menu option – although we have already covered such functionality in a separate tutorial.

#9: Coupon (MyThemeShop)

Coupon (MyThemeShop)

The Coupon theme from MyThemeShop has managed to retain a strong position in this specific niche. Over the years, their demo sites have grown from just 2 to 5 pre-made coupon designs. And their theme also includes a custom design for an online store (WooCommerce), but also a blog.

One of the ways in which you will promote your coupon codes is through content marketing, so having a separate blog design to do just that is a nice feature.

As for the general design structure. I’d say for this theme, the designers have gone for a more clean layout. It’s well structured and has the capacity to showcase hundreds or even more coupon codes, without obstructing the user experience.

#10: REHub


REHub is definitely not the typical standalone WordPress theme. At its core, REHub is built to be used in a multitude of special deals websites. Particularly, sites that are meant for promoting affiliate products, price comparison pages, landing pages, but also coupons, and special deals platforms.

The nice thing about using a theme like REHub is that you can always repurpose many of the features into something else. Looking at the design of the REDeal (the coupon version) demo – it feels as though the main goal is to have a professional look to the design. The coupon pages have a ton of interactive features to make those pages stand out individually.

In particular, you are able to talk about the products you are providing the coupons for. This includes tabs for instructions, custom reviews, a table chart, but also related products with their respective coupon codes.


After examining and sampling the enlisted themes, we know for a fact that even the most quirky web developers are going to find someone worth their while. As with any new endeavor, the most important step is to simply begin, and the rest will fall into place by itself.

Whichever theme you decide upon, know that you can always change your mind and go for something else down the road. All the same, you can stick to one theme and simply ‘borrow’ design concepts from other designs presented in this roundup.

That being said, we hope that your new coupons site turns out to be a success. Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback, ask questions, or recommend additional tools that can help to create and manage a functional coupons website.

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