15+ Best Free One Page WordPress Themes 2023

Do you want to build a single-page WordPress website? This article is for you.

It’s no secret that WordPress offers enormous flexibility for building a website. You can do the simplest of blog websites, or go in-depth and create complex business sites. And, for the most part, it can be done completely for free. This is thanks to developers and theme creators who have spent their time producing free themes for all of the WordPress community to use.

And in this article, we are going to review the top performing free one-page WordPress themes.

Who Should Build a One-Page WordPress Site?

The modern era of creative WordPress themes is all about cool features and layout options. But, how often do all of those features get used on a live website? Not that often. So, in this context, a One Page theme offers the ability to focus on what is important to you. Without all the feature overhead.

Here are some use cases in which a One-Page WordPress theme is often the best choice:

  • Landing pages. A landing page lets you explain your product or service without needing to redirect the user to multiple other pages.
  • Portfolio. This can be both a personal portfolio with blog posts or a portfolio of your past work, such as photography or digital artwork.
  • Introduction. An intro page can range from a practical introduction to yourself as a person, but also your business, services, or vital information about a project.

Our selection of One Page themes is focused on quality and design features. So, whether you’re a creative designer or someone who loves minimalism – our picks should suffice plenty.

All themes reviewed in this collection are responsive (mobile-friendly) and tested for best performance (site speed). Both features are important to provide a good user experience, but also to comply with standards like Web Vitals. And, of course, to meet the requirements of modern SEO.

1. OnePress

OnePress theme

As far as themes that stay true to their name go, it’s hard to overlook OnePress. A one-of-a-kind WordPress theme for building one-page websites. And with over 100,000 active users (according to WordPress.org) – it’s easily the best theme for the job.

So, what makes OnePress such a popular choice? For one, it works completely out of the box. Other than adding your own content, there is nothing else you need to customize. However, if you do wish to change things – the OnePress theme makes it enjoyable to do so.

This is thanks to the modular block structure. Whether you need to add or remove testimonials, you can do so by choosing the specific block. The same goes for in-depth customization options inside the WordPress Customizer panel. From there, you get complete design freedom to change colors, typography, and anything else your heart desires.

It’s also a fast theme. In our independent benchmark, reports show that OnePress has a Cumulative Layout Shift of 0, ensuring that it follows the Google guidelines of website performance.

2. Screenr

Screenr theme

Screenr is a full-page parallax WordPress theme that embodies the one-page concept. It’s built on the back of Bootstrap and delivers both a familiar but also a modern feel to it. Our data (we built this theme!) shows that Screenr is the most popular among digital agencies and portfolio sites.

The first thing you will notice is how Screenr implements the one-page concept. In the demo (see below), you can scroll down the page and the navigation will follow each new section. This also means that you can add new sections or remove them as you please. The in-built content blocks make it very easy to achieve a layout that is able to convey your website’s purpose to your site visitors.

Other notable features include a custom-built footer (which you can edit), but also a separate design for your blog posts. It doesn’t matter if your site is one-page or not, keeping your readers updated with the latest news is important. And with Screenr, you get the best of both worlds.

3. Qi


The Qi theme is the latest WordPress design from the folks at Qode Interactive. If we look at the way in which WordPress is evolving, it’s crucial that designers keep adapting to the latest trends. And, in the case of Qi – the unique feel for its one-page designs is palpable.

As for the demo we chose to showcase above – it’s both stylish and practical. A blend of modern features like border dividers, but also separate sections to showcase your portfolio.

The approach to typography is a mix of creative yet professional fonts. If you are a web agency specializing in digital services, a theme like Qi can help elevate your digital presence to a new level.

4. Deep


The Deep theme is part of a bigger framework, though the free version still manages to impress. The first thing you’ll notice is the integration of modern web design patterns. Notably, the use of various blob effects, wave dividers, transition animations, and interactive widgets.

The theme has support for all major page builders and works nicely with external plugins, too. E.g. You can use our EasyMega plugin to add a mega menu to your site.

In the in-built features department, there’s plenty to play around with. Deep provides a simple 1-click import of any demo layout it has available. And, styling the landing page can be done using simple copy & paste from a library of pre-built elements. Last but not least, you’ll have plenty of options to customize each layout yourself. The Customizer features are exceptional in that regard.

5. Chaplin


A lot of WordPress theme development has shifted towards the usage of Blocks. So, it comes as no surprise that more and more themes utilize the concept to its full potential. The Chaplin theme is built as a blocks-first theme, making it easy for you to design page layouts directly from the WordPress Editor itself. And, because it’s built with developers in mind, it plays quite well with external block plugins.

But, who is the target audience for the Chaplin theme? Our first impressions tell us that Chaplin is ideal for product pages, business portfolios, and personal introductions. You could even use it to build a website for an online course. All the features are there, including a blog design.

The author of this theme – Anders Norén – has done quite a bit of work for the WordPress community, so expect his themes to be both fast, but also easy to work with.

6. Neve


ThemeIsle (the authors) are no strangers to WordPress development. I think at one point or another, we all have interacted with their work during our WordPress journeys. And, in the case of the Neve theme – it’s a remarkable example of the attention that the ThemeIsle designers put into their work.

One of the core features of this theme is the flexibility of layout options. The in-built grid system helps you to align your content in a way that’s easy to read but also accessible. Also, on top of the responsive-first design, Neve also provides support for AMP. This will ensure that your pages load extremely fast for mobile users, despite their location or connectivity potential.

Lastly, the block structure of the Neve theme means you can weave together various layouts to come up with a design that you’re happy with. Despite there being a Pro version, you’ll find plenty of features in the Free version to satisfy even the most creative of design ideas.

7. BusinessFocus


In a lot of cases, businesses use WordPress as the storefront for their actual services. Some do it because WordPress is easy to work with, others because of the availability of free themes and layouts. And, a theme like BusinessFocus is a prime example of that.

BusinessFocus is also the first theme in our collection that implements a native dark mode. The use of dark mode has risen in popularity in recent years, and if not enabled by default – most modern websites today also offer a dark mode option.

So, keep that in mind if you love the idea of a more twilight-like design.

As for other features – the theme has reusable sections which can be rearranged in custom order. Also, the inclusion of various grid layouts gives you a lot of flexibility to display your most important content.

8. Shapely


The Shapely theme has been around for a while. And, has managed to withstand the different changes and updates that WordPress has gone through. Needless to say, it does a heck of a job to stay on point as a true One-Page WordPress theme. The design flows from top to bottom, providing seamless exposure to your most important content sections.

The inclusion of a sticky navigation menu ensures that your visitors have a accessible browsing experience. Likewise, with a ton of creative modules – you can make your landing page stand out. You can display projecs using traditional photo-based grids. But also have the option add a more personal touch through hero sections which support custom images, and typography through Google Fonts.

9. Bravada


It’s easy to forget that even slightest of design changes can have a huge impact. And, in the case of themes and templates, it’s best to leave all the hard work to experts! The Bravada theme, a phenomenal fullscreen experience, is designed to be both creative, but also to leave a good first impression.

The addition of custom fonts and various color backdrops really helps to put your site content into perspective. An example of this is the “features section” which adds a small background to the headings, further emphasizing that it’s an important part of your page. Interestingly, despite the usage of creative elements – the Bravada theme does manage to retain a minimalistic yet sleek feel to it.

All in all, it’s an ideal choice for portfolio sites where you might need a creative touch added. The portfolio block for example can be used to filter out different items by their category. And all of it happens on the same page that the visitor is viewing. As you can see in the screenshot above, even the demo itself manages to leave a very strong first impression.

10. Blocksy


Do you love design features like rounded borders, colorful buttons, and stylish sections? Well, in that case, the Blocksy theme should be right up your alley. This blocks-based theme offers plenty of features to make your one page WordPress site stand out in the crowd.

As a Gutenberg theme, it works well with the default WordPress editor. However, it’s just as easy to use with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, and other design editing plugins. Features like a custom header builder will ensure you can design the best possible navigation for your site.

And, the ability to add custom shapes and patterns to backgrounds will help enrich the visual appearance of your site. Blocksy includes a number of starter sites – pre-designed layouts you can import with a single click. And, likewise, reuse each of their components to blend together one finalized design.

11. Sydney


A good WordPress theme isn’t just about its features. It’s also about the amount of time it takes to set everything up. Which also happens to be one of the main selling points for the Sydney theme. (It’s a play on words, the theme is 100% free!) The use of a fullscren hero section alone is going to give your readers a clear idea of what your page is about. Granted, you need to use the appropriate images for it!

If you love using custom fonts, then Sydney will make it easy for you to use Google Fonts or add your own custom fonts. Additionally, the authors have put in the work to ensure that Sydney is translation-friendly. This will make it easier for you to translate your content into other languages, whether because you’re a non-native English speaker or simply wish to run a foreign website.

12. Pliska


The Pliska theme from Nasio Themes is hard to ignore. The fact that it is WCAG 2.0 valid (accessibility-friendly), with native support for Schema markup makes it a strong contender for one of the more refined WordPress one-page themes. But who is it for exactly?

Upon closer inspection and a deep dive into the theme demo, it seems as though Pliska has more than one use. While we think it’s a fantastic one-page theme out of the box, you could very well use it for running a traditional blog, or even a magazine if need be. We also found that a native dark & light theme is quite useful, and practical to have a toggle switch inside the navigation menu.

Some of the creative effects in this theme include button animations, transition effects, parallax, text marker effects, and native image zoom. So, all kinds of interesting features to give your website a modern yet stylish feel to it.

13. Costello


The Costello theme is an ideal contender for photographers and digital artists. Though, it’s just as good to use for other purposes, too. The theme is effectively a mix between portfolio elements, but also an integrated blog to help you publish interesting stories.

One thing you will notice is the lack of colorful elements. This is great because it will help you put your portfolio items into spotlight. And it’s also great because a more practical design makes it easier for your site visitors to navigate the page itself.

The creative testamonials widget will give you plenty of opportunity to showcase social proof. Though, it shouldn’t be hard to transform that into a portfolio slider by itself. You can do this using the in-built Customizer features, of which there are plenty. Almost any design element you see in the demo can in some shape or form be customized from the theme editing dashboard.

14. Bricksy


The Bricksy theme is one of the few WordPress themes that are adding Full Site Editing experience. This new concept is also what the future of WordPress themes is going to look like. And, in case you aren’t familiar – FSE means that you can edit the design of your WordPress site directly from the homepage. As opposed to the admin dashboard.

Bricksy stands out with a comprehensive set of features to help you set custom variables for your buttons, sections, typography and more. Each element can also be selected independently and edited as a WordPress Block. And, despite the rich set of features – Bricksy does manage to stay both lightweight, but also a joy to work with.

15. Posterity


Do you want to build a portfolio website for a creative business? Perhaps you’re an artist who wants to build a modern portfolio website? In any case, the Posterity theme has plenty to offer in both scenarios.

You’re probably already familiar with transition effects which make site content slide-in as the user navigates down the page. Well, with Posterity – such a feature is built-in into the theme itself.

Although, you do have the option to turn it off.

Other notable features include an organized color scheme, with an emphasis on colors that convey which parts of your site are most important. And, of course, the dedicated (sticky) navigation will make it possible for you to include your social media links, as well as a phone number.

16. Parallel


The Parallel theme offers a full-screen website experience which includes the most important elements for a business site. Those features include a custom-design contact form (including support for newsletters), Google Maps integration, custom video backgrounds, and a lot more.

You have the option to highlight projects as individual hero sections, but also to include numerous portfolio items and show them as a photo grid. There’s also a custom section for displaying the logo of the brands that you have worked with, or the ones that are supporting you.

The custom counter section will help you showcase your past experience.

Even if it’s only a personal portfolio, showing the numbers of clients you have worked with can do wonders for attracting new business opportunities.

Wrapping up

Was this collection of free One-Page themes helpful for you? We’d love to hear which design you chose in the end. And yes, it’s a lot of work to go through each one. But, with the help of demo pages and the screenshots we provided – it shouldn’t take long to find something that captures your heart.

Best of all, some of the themes actually have multiple layouts to choose from! Either way, it was our pleasure to put together this roundup for you – see you in the next one.

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