What’s new in OnePress 2.2: Section Navigation, Section Manager and Gutenberg

Hey guys! We’ve got some news to share about the new OnePress 2.2 and OnePress Plus 2.1 release.

Our developers have been carefully listening and examining your feedback to implement new and exciting features in this fresh release.

Remember, you can always contact our support team directly to voice your concerns, and recommend additional features you would like to see in future releases.

Section Navigation

One of the major changes we are adding is a new way of presenting your homepage. From now on, homepage layout will use Section Navigation that presents your Pages in a slider-like fashion.

Not only does this help create a smooth browsing experience, this new navigation feature creates for seamless mobile browsing experiences.

Visitors can click on any navigation page within your main menu, and be instantly taken to that part of your homepage. See this new feature in action at our live demo page.

Customizer Section Manager

Section Manager lets you disable Sections that you don’t wish to have displayed. The end-result is that you drastically improve your loading times, whilst reducing the amount of assets required to load in the background.

Gutenberg compatible

WordPress has gone ahead and pushed Gutenberg as an official release. This new content editor is all about creating media-rich content pages and posts. 

In this update, we have included Gutenberg compatibility for WordPress Posts with no-sidebar layout. More info on new layouts added in OnePress 2.2 can be found below.

Our friends at Smashing Magazine have written an in-depth article on what is Gutenberg, how it works, and what to expect. See this article here.

New layouts for Single Posts

This was something that was requested time and time again, and now it’s finally here. OnePress 2.2 includes two brand new layouts for single posts.

First, you can choose between a Sidebar and No-Sidebar styles, letting you create more immersive reading experiences. Second, you can further enhance your No-Sidebar posts with custom single post width setting.

These two new layouts go a long way to help you create high-readability content whether you’re a blogger or a journalist.

New Slider for OnePress Plus

A note to our OnePress Plus users; we are adding a new Slider feature in the Sections, and will talk in detail about this new feature in a future blog post. Stay tuned!

OnePress 2.2 Changelog

The following changelog highlights other major changes included in this release.

# 2.2.0
* NEW: Front page sections manager.
* NEW: Support WPForms plugin.
* NEW: Support Gutenberg.
* NEW: Sections navigation label color settings.
* FIXED: Remove deprecated jQuery function #319.
* IMPROVED: Theme customize api.
* IMPROVED: Misc control issue.
* IMPROVED: Theme style.

8 thoughts on “What’s new in OnePress 2.2: Section Navigation, Section Manager and Gutenberg

  1. Gail A Reply

    Love your updates! I have a question about the menu at the top — can it still link with other pages in the site? Thanks!

    • David T Reply

      Hi Vincent,

      Sorry for late reply.

      The update does not lose your content or customise settings. Except you changed the code in the main theme.

      However, you always should create a backup before.

  2. RamGupta Reply

    I read your posts regularly to enhance my skills, keep posting more articles from your end

  3. Katie Callear Reply

    I cannot see where the section styling is on my customize area? Help!

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